SIEGERT Thinfilm Technology GmbH

We are your leading partner in thin film technology, with an excellent reputation for the development and production of complex products. Our name represents outstanding quality, superior reliability, and excellent technology.



As an interdisciplinary company, we produce high precision electronic components and systems in thin film technology, starting from samples and small quantities up to mass production. Technological and product oriented development are important parts of our business, as is research in the field of thin film and nanotechnology.

In our facility, which has a total size of 6,500 m2 (650 m2 clean room contained), both standard and customized products are produced. We provide services in the fields of sensors (pressure, force, temperature, flow) precision resistor technology (resistors and networks), and special substrate coatings for electronic systems. Our products are designed and used in several different areas including industrial automation, measurement technology, hydraulics, aerospace, and high frequency applications.

Using outstanding equipment, more than 90 highly experienced employees in research, development and production are supplying clients and markets with excellent thin film components which will fulfill the highest requirements in quality, reliability, precision and

Since its founding in 1992, SIEGERT TFT GmbH has been a highly innovative company. Due to our professional staff and our outstanding technological capabilities we are setting trends and defining scales in technology for the future.

Thanks to our connections with other cooperating partners, universities, and research institutes, we have an network providing a huge advantage to our valued clients, supplying them with best services and products.